Darcy Norling, Psy.D. Licensed clinical psychologist providing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to individuals and families in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Darcy Norlingdaffodil illustration

Providing DBT treatment for individuals and families in Portland, Oregon.

My approach to treatment is collaborative, solution-focused, and non judgmental. I have an interest and specialty in working with adolescents, families, and parents. I feel strongly about treating the entire environment, as none of us exist in isolation. As a mother of two, I understand the pressures that come along with parenthood and the fear parents experience when their child begins to display emotional and behavioral problems. Working together and collaboratively with families, I offer tools and techniques for effective and positive communication.

dr. norling's philosophy

I believe that every individual possesses the ability to make wise minded and effective choices. Strong emotions and the overuse of reasoning, however, can get in the way of using our wise mind. It is easy to lose clarity when life becomes stressful and overwhelming. The wise mind is always present; therapy can help individuals to rediscover the wise mind. With this clarity, individuals are better able to become active participants in their own healing and make the changes necessary to live an authentic and fulfilling life.

Humans possess a resiliency that can be rediscovered and awakened even after the most difficult of times. Therapy can help to generate this resilience inherent in every human, by sharing feelings and experiences in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Adolescents and adults can learn new ways of thinking about their lives and alternative ways of handling challenges. Skills learned within therapy assist in regulating emotions, coping with stressful situations, interacting more effectively with others, and problem solving.